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In 2015, voters in Weber, Davis and Tooele counties voted in favor of Proposition 1, a local sales tax measure that funds transportation improvements including roads, sidewalks, trails and transit. As a result of the vote, UTA has been making a number of improvements to its bus system in these areas including increasing service and enhancing bus stops as well as improving sidewalks and trails that help riders access the transit system.

Weber and Davis Counties

In 2016, UTA started an extensive, multi-year enhancement of bus service in Weber and Davis counties. These areas saw a 15 percent increase in bus service, which reflects the resolution passed by the UTA Board of Trustees in August 2015 committing that funds from Proposition 1 sales tax revenues would be used to improve service, primarily bus service. Routes that were improved saw an average 12 percent ridership increase. Additional service and infrastructure improvements will be made over the course of several years, and UTA will continue to work with Weber and Davis county leaders and residents to develop transit plans that will be of most benefit to the local community.

Besides UTA's service additions, one of the key transit improvements started in 2016 was the establishment of a new mobility management program. The program is a partnership between UTA and other community providers to help fulfill local transportation needs. Currently, details are being finalized, and the program will soon be available as a resource to help meet the area's mobility needs.

2016 Progress for Weber and Davis Counties

15 percent increase in annual bus service
2 new bus routes
4 routes with increased weekday span of service (1,250 earlier/later hours)
2 routes with added peak hour service
36 percent increase in annual weekend bus service
New mobility management program

New buses
Ski, trolley and regular buses on order

Improved bus stops, shelters and other amenities
70 improved bus stops
2 sidewalk projects
2 bike lane projects (in partnership with North Ogden City)
8 bike amenity improvements at park-and-ride lots

Tooele, Grantsville and Stansbury

Additions to service and increased rider amenities are coming to Tooele, Grantsville and Stansbury. These improvements, funded through the passage of Proposition 1, include extended service hours on the Tooele County public shuttle service (known as the Tooele Shuffle), enhanced bus stops, and new first/last mile solutions like bike trails and sidewalks.

Proposition 1 improvements in the area are already underway and will continue to be implemented throughout the next several years. The Tooele Shuffle service, operated in partnership between UTA and Tooele County Aging Services, extended its hours of operations to 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Previously, the route operated from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. This service makes stops by appointment at designated places throughout Tooele, Grantsville and Stansbury Park.

Design work for bike paths along Vine Street and 100 East in Tooele was completed with work scheduled to begin in 2017. Bus stop improvements, which will bring shelters, benches and garbage cans to select stops in Tooele and Grantsville, will also take place next year. In addition, work is expected to begin on sidewalks connecting Grantsville’s Main Street and senior center to public transportation hubs.

Moving forward, UTA will work with Tooele and Grantsville to plan transit improvements. These may include additional bike paths that facilitate connections with public transportation, additional midday service, increasing peak service between Tooele and Salt Lake City, and preparations for long-term projects such as developing a transit master plan and identifying areas for new park-and-ride lots.

2016 Progress and Future Plans for Tooele, Grantsville and Stansbury

Increase service on Tooele Shuffle route
Increased route by 500 hours

Improved stops and first/last mile solutions
Improve 8 stops – planned for 2017
2 bike lanes planned and designed, construction to begin in 2017
Transit Master Plan - 2017 planned completion
Park-and-ride lots - plans in place for 2019/2020